Satellite Tracking and Remote Data Management Service


The Gestya system is a tire pressure monitoring, vehicle tracking and fleet management solution used by small and large businesses, municipalities and government agencies in 20 countries around the world.

Know your fleet´s position in real time and manage your team´s operating hours.

How it works

The system maximizes effectiveness in the operation by providing the user with real-time diagnostic data on vehicle location via global positioning and detailed trip history.

The data collected from the vehicle is transmitted wirelessly through satellite real-time technology to the Gestya account, maximizing efficiency and  promoting data-driven decision.

Gestya can also provide industry-leading tire pressure and temperature monitoring capabilities by integrating with VIGIA Calibrators.


  • Increases miles per gallon due to better control.
  • Reduces operating expenses.
  • Maximizes vehicle utilization.
  • Enhances fleet and driver safety.
  • Improves customer service satisfaction.
  • Fleet monitoring via Google Earth.
  • Registers historical reports of vehicle’s route.
  • Decreases engine and tire maintenance costs.
  • System compatibility with personal computer and smartphone.

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