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Increase 6% in MPG and up to 20% in tire life!*

The VIGIA is an Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS) that allows proper tire calibration in order to maintain manufacturer suggested pressure levels in trucks, buses, trailers, and other commercial vehicles.

Less fuel consumption, more MPG!
Increase up to 20% your tire life!
Reduce tire related accidents. Safety First!
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Know your fleet’s activity in real-time. Down to the gallon!

The Gestya system is a tire pressure monitoring, vehicle tracking and fleet management solution used by small and large businesses, municipalities and government agencies in 20 countries around the world.

Reduce operating expenses!
Enhance driver and fleet safety!
Reduce engine and tire maintenance costs.
Mobile and desktop compatibility.
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Keep it cool. Even with your engine off!

VIESA is an air conditioning system that works with the engine off and was conceived to satisfy the most demanding needs, with lower consumption and greater autonomy. VIESA offers the driver a cool and quiet environment ideal for resting.

Fits in every cabin, hatch and roof angle!
Electric shortcut protection.
Auto on/off and remote control included!

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“The product trial testing has found an improvement on their performance of 10,56% in fuel consumption alone.”

Alejandro Argüelles, VP Supply Chain Logistics @ Essendant

“Palm Tran measured the performance of their fleet for 4 months and have confirmed a 6.1% increase in miles per gallon overall.”

Clinton B. Forbes, Executive Director @ Palm Tran

“The system has achieved an average 16% fuel reduction during the testing phase.”

Jose Giuliani, Operations Director @ Quirch

“Miami Dade County has an average MPG increase of 7% overall according to the most recent metrics.”

Derrick Gordon, Chief Transit Bus Operations @ Miami Dade

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